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Your sponsors will get the recognition they deserve with easy to set up and manage click-through sponsorships.


By using profiles all of your members, donors, and contributors can easily set up and manage their own personal profiles.


Our fundraising platform enables users to create galleries and share the memories from attending your event.

Sponsors and Donors Give in 3 New Ways

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Why Choose The Lets Sponsor Charity Fundraising Platform?

  • Reach new sponsors and donors
  • Set up and launch in minutes with no programming needed
  • No hosting fees or upfront costs
  • Integrated payment gateway allows you to collect payments immediately
  • Sponsors manage their own ads, profiles and photos
  • Easily add events, pages and pictures to tell your story
  • Keep branding consistent with customizable templates
  • Mobile-ready platform is optimized for all devices
  • Stand alone home page or use with your existing website
  • Specialty platform dashboard and unique reporting

Make Your Own Custom Ad Book Online

Make your own custom home page
and add these additional features for free. Add as many pages
in the “About” section as you want. Have people upload photos.
Create events including Google Maps.

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